serious on going problem with member for 3 weeks help

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13-03-2007 19:47:50

im knew to the trade forum and i have done many offers. i did two offers for harley girl1963 on primo dinro and visa i admit i messed up primo dinero because m compter was running reall slow that day and i accident ly ended up creating 3accounts on primo. i didnt understand the rules. i was baned but i still apologized to the adminstrator because of this harley girl1963 decided not to pay me for the visa until she was approved i let it slide and it was 3 weeks ago and shes sent nothing i also get on today and see she has slandered my name and i know m visa with tru because i havent used that card since and i havent even been on the forums cause ive had school and wort al im being discriminated againsk please resolve this matter i feend taking advantage of.


13-03-2007 19:50:09

ok that was typed horribly...
but, the important question is this - did u go green for her?


13-03-2007 20:12:22

Is she saying that you went red on visa? I can't really understand what you typed.

If she is and you didnt' then just go into the scammers and problem traders, find the topic and post a screenshot of your green.


13-03-2007 20:27:15

1. Spelling and punctuation would help.

2. What was the original agreement on the trade module?? If it was "on approval", be aware that approval can take weeks, even a month or more.

3. Are you green on the site in question?? I can understand her hesitation - if you have gone red on one site, it is certainly likely you may go red on another.

4. Have you PMd a moderator about all of this?? That should be your first step. They will help you work it all out.



13-03-2007 21:52:57

On March 4, I initiated 2 trades with cloud364. In our first communitcation he told me he was cheated out of $17 on another site. I felt a little hesitant but gave him a chance anyway. He did Primo Dinero and Visa $2 Deals. I noticed on my Primo account he had signed up under two different emails and this threw up a red flag. Realizing he was new and may have messed up, I PMed him and asked him not to do any offers until we contact support. Too late, he was approved and quickly went red. Even though he went red, he insisted I pay him cause it would be OK, he would tell Primo he didn't use the internet much and was a student and new and didn't understand. He stated I should go along and I told him I would not do that, as it is dishonest. Meanwhile he went green on my Visa on March 5 and I spoke with theysayjump and KeithA about waiting on approval for the Visa site. I got this reply from TSJ

[ieeae5b7ea0]Hey Judy, I think you have a right to request them to wait until after approval until being paid on the other site. Try to speak to the site owner and ask if they can check the out before approval to try to save you some time and also make your decision making process easier.

Unfortunately, you can only cancel your trade if they are placed on hold on the site in question (if he goes on hold one one site but not the other, you can't cancel both, only the one he went red on), or if you both agree to cancel the trade, or if you try to contact him at least twice within two weeks and receive no response at all from him.


And here is my contact with KeithA

[ieeae5b7ea0]harley_girl1963 wrote
I have told him he will be paid. He's really been a problem calling me rude, demanding money, telling me he's going to lie about why it happened to Primo and expecting me to go along. I have tried my best not to be rude, and I don't thing telling someone if they read the rules this wouldn't happen. I told him over and over to read the rules. Anyway, the Primo site has him on permanent hold. As for the Visa site, he is green and I have every intention of paying him. I don't cheat people, but TSJ told me I had every right to pay on approval to a trader who has gone red on me at the other site, so that is what I am doing. If I pay him now, I can kiss that money goodbye.

Others should be aware not to trade with him. I'm not calling him a scammer, just a problem trader.

Thanks for your help!

That's all fine with me too. He'll fall into line.


So I have been told by both I can wait on approval. Well I have 3 more refs to get - boy it's been hard lately (especially since two of the refs I had went red - both newbies and for the same reason - more than one account)

Yes, I put a note about cloud on the Problem Traders section because I feel others need to be aware that it could be a problem trading with him. I would want to know that.

I got this really nasty response from cloud on 3/6

From cloud364
To harley_girl1963
Posted Tue Mar 06, 2007 540 pm
[ieeae5b7ea0]Subject Re Update
yes i got banned from the another site but that was before i did yours and it was wasnt really a faULTY mistake i didnt know that they would ban u from a site if you use two cards on a site but both of the cards are in your name. i used a prepaid mastercard on a offer and for a higher offer i used my checking account visa.and they bannded me both both cards belong to me how stupid is that ? but anyway its doesnt really matter to me about this petty ass little 20 dollars weve been bickering about over the last few days. and i acknowledge ive made a mistake. and I'm a college student who unlike you has an actual life and money besides this little forum thing. im not trying to cheat people on the site but i also wont worship this little trade thing as god either like you do. the 20 bucks id be nice but to tell the truth since your that petty and stingy over it thats cool. i dont really care anymore. [/ieeae5b7ea0]

So then on 3/9 I got this one saying he was OK with waiting on approval

[ieeae5b7ea0]i understand that and its cool. I actual just got a new credit card so now ill have three and the last offer i did was for you. i havent been on these past few days but when i get a chance to really focus on the site ima gonna make a killing. so im compfortable waiting. but i know it will go through because you were one of the only 2 people ive done offers for[/ieeae5b7ea0]

Now today, 3/13 I get this

[ieeae5b7ea0]From cloud364
To harley_girl1963
Posted Tue Mar 13, 2007 930 pm
Subject im reporting u
im now reporting you to the mods its been over almost 3 weeks now on the site or used that card since that day and still no 20 and i know i gave you green cause i havent used that card since you claim your so s sinceelf righteous and your ungrateful ass reported me which was wrong of you. [/ieeae5b7ea0]

Now this is all good, but there is more to this story and I am not in the wrong here.

And last time I checked 3/4 to 3/13 is NOT 3 WEEKS!

I would seriously think about it before trading with this guy. His green is not worth the trouble. Oh and by the way, I have every intention of paying him, if and when his green sticks.


14-03-2007 06:09:47

[b201be4aeea]Harley_girl1963[/b201be4aeea], I agree that you should wait for approval, especially since you cleared it with the mods and they agree.

You are correct in your math also - 3/4 to 3/13 is not even two weeks.

And it is really nice to read a post with punctuation and spelling and not have to "translate" everything.

[b201be4aeea]Cloud364[/b201be4aeea] - if you intend to remain here, you will need to learn to follow the rules, maintain your integrity, and not exagerate things to try to look like nothing is your fault. Life is a learning experience - learn from this mistake and your future will be better.


PS Harley_girl - I am interested in Visa.2$Deal - PM me if you want to trade.


14-03-2007 06:37:44

I would agree that especially after already making a mistake, Cloud364 needs to learn some patience roll


19-03-2007 08:22:36

Cloud364, I really wouldn't tell everyone that you are in college. Your basic grammer skills are seriously lacking.

I hope that harley girl1963 was able to provide the evidence she needed to clear her of these accusations. She has been nothing but a reliable trader anytime I've dealt with her.

I would advise that you pay more attention to your college work, especially English, and less on the forums.


21-03-2007 16:59:43

I have sent cloud364 payment of $20 on 3/21/07. I finally finished and got approved on my site.

Never did I plan to withhold money from this guy. I am shocked that he remained green after going red at two other sites.

Anyway, he's been paid.