Non cc Sites

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13-03-2007 13:26:28


I'm curious about how the non cc sites work. If I'm referred, do I need to respond to any of the junk sent to my inbox. Or is completing the application on the site all that is necessary?

And yes [/color55838b4ba0] ) I'm interested in doing some.

Thanks for all you guys/gals making this a good experience for me.



13-03-2007 13:32:48

Non-cc sites works like any other freebie sites except you don't need a credit card for the offers. Most of the offers are loans, which will require your SS #.


13-03-2007 14:04:12

some of the sites have more offers that are based on answering questions/surveys and adding your email to email lists.


14-03-2007 11:02:59

I appreciate the info...I thought it was like that, but wanted to make sure I didn't have to respond to 315 junk mails shock That would be more than a little pain in the arse!


14-03-2007 16:38:04 you still wanna do one? wink