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13-03-2007 13:19:24

does anybody know of any other freeitem forums out there such as this one?


13-03-2007 13:20:59



13-03-2007 13:28:38

A4F and FiPG are by far the largest that specialize in freebie sites, but freebies are discussed on a lot of forums and blogs around the net, including scam.com and others.


13-03-2007 13:48:30

Theres a really great new site that just open up also freelunchroom.com you might want to check it out wink


13-03-2007 14:04:37

[quote4645b9d01e="gmario"]Theres a really great new site that just open up also freelunchroom.com you might want to check it out wink[/quote4645b9d01e]

Who owns that site?


13-03-2007 14:07:20

LOL. I joined that site, and within 2 minutes I had 5 PMs telling me "noobs gotta stick together, check out this site you wont be scammed"

I am guessing openly spamming is allowed? If so, this forum is going to weep soon....


13-03-2007 14:10:00

Lol me two someone said hey newbie i'll give you $10 paypal for sony v-bux lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol


13-03-2007 14:17:14

yeah, but apart that....lol D its pretty decent


13-03-2007 14:19:36

[quoteca9f15f367="condra"]yeah, but apart that....lol D its pretty decent[/quoteca9f15f367]

I read someone got their Lunch money bucked by a bully on those forums. cry


13-03-2007 14:28:34

then again, it happends here too...


13-03-2007 14:30:20

[quote3b22baa3ab="condra"]then again, it happends here too...[/quote3b22baa3ab]

It happens everywhere just the way its said is what i like 8)


13-03-2007 14:37:25

rofl wow. $10 paypal for sony-vbux. That gave me a good laugh.


13-03-2007 14:39:17

[quoteb2becee056="ghstlegacy17"]rofl wow. $10 paypal for sony-vbux. That gave me a good laugh.[/quoteb2becee056]

I know i dropped on the floor becuase the person called me a newbie and told me that i had to wait for approval playful


13-03-2007 15:51:41

Dang I got 2 PMs within like 1 minute of signing up


13-03-2007 16:55:24

Freelunchroom doesn't seem to have as stable of a setup as FiG. No structured trade module or anything.


13-03-2007 19:38:18

Too risk and not something I would do.... I'll stick to these 2 forums for trades...


25-03-2007 17:29:59


We're just starting up!

Sign up now and become an active member in the forum, and you will be entered into a contest to get some free advertising!!!


Thanks everyone!

P.S. We are starting an Advertising Campaign on Yahoo, so we should have some new faces to the industry! This would be great for everyone in need of referrals! D


25-03-2007 19:30:36

cool is it like freelunchroom?


25-03-2007 19:55:40

gosh...the site is soo dark that it hurts my eyes! ouch


25-03-2007 20:18:39

Too dark? It's not bad on my screen, or any other's I've seen it on?

But I'll definitely put changing the colors into consideration. Thanks for telling me.

...and after looking (and joining) FreeLunchRoom, it is pretty much just like it. We do have some different section over at FreeMoneySociety though. For example, the whole section about other ways of making money. (HYIP's, MLM, etc...)


25-03-2007 20:51:49

I signed up and got on the forum but didn't see where to post replies. What do i need to do?


25-03-2007 20:59:57

http//www.freemoneysociety.com/images/ex.jpg[" alt=""/img30fd56ab39]

...hope you were talking about FMS, and I hope that helps lol.


26-03-2007 00:11:44

Well...that makes you feel stupid..lol.. I swear when I logged in the only thing showing was PRINT. The other 4 weren't there...


26-03-2007 00:21:50

[quote6b7ab8e75e="Gman14"]http//www.freemoneysociety.com/images/ex.jpg[" alt=""/img6b7ab8e75e]

...hope you were talking about FMS, and I hope that helps lol.[/quote6b7ab8e75e]

ahahaha that's my post!


26-03-2007 17:05:36

Do you need any Mods?