RED vs. GREEN and approval ?

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12-03-2007 16:10:21


I have a situation that I would like some suggestions/thoughts on. I am ready to submit my refs for approval on a site and they are all showing green. However, I know/believe there may be a problem with one of them based on some info in the Probelm traders/scammers thread.

If he is showing green now am I most likely,ok? Do they only turn red after submitting for approval or can they turn red before I submit?

Thanks in advance....... I know the smart thing to do would be to just get another green but maybe I don't need to.... maybe thsi person is ok on my site....


12-03-2007 16:13:16

I would try submitting. If everyone is green now, then waiting will only increase the chance that the user will go red. Once you get approved, you are definitely in the clear, but the faster you submit, the faster you will know.

Just my two cents.


12-03-2007 16:13:42

They can turn red before, I just had such a case...

you should be fine, however don't be surprized if it turns to be red in the end


12-03-2007 16:19:13

karma points...... thanks guys! If he/she does turn red - do I just need to find another ref and resubmit and start te whole aproval process over or do they just review that last ref? My site is a train site.....


12-03-2007 16:22:56

I think they will once again check all the refs, unfortunately, just to make sure they are still good to go.