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12-03-2007 15:20:49

So I sent my broken laptop away and got a new one which now tells me I can't authorize any new computers for iTunes-purchased music. I know there's a way to deauthorize all 5 computers, or something, but I can't remember what the process is. Can anyone help me at all? I very much appreciate it.


12-03-2007 15:25:41

You could go to each computer and manually deauthorize your iPod. I think it's in the menu somewhere, in iTunes.


12-03-2007 15:36:47

I'm not sure what the iPod has to do with anything. ?

The problem is that I'm only in contact with one of the five computers I've authorized, and I'd like to keep that one authorized. One of the five has been dismantled and reformatted by Apple, and the other three are somewhere around the country with family and friends; I don't even remember who I've authorized at this point.


12-03-2007 15:46:10

Here you go, buddy )
[quotea477284811="iTunes Help File"]If you forgot to deauthorize a computer you no longer own, you can deauthorize all of your authorized computers at once. Choose Store > View My Account. You can use this method once a year.[/quotea477284811]


12-03-2007 15:55:44

Thank you so much. I swear I looked through the iTunes Help front and back but I didn't find that.

Thanks again!