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10-03-2007 16:59:25

I tried to complete my first offer, I signed in, completed the video professor, got a confirmation of it on my email that it was ordered, so why i am i still not green and i have a big (0) in the completed offers/account status tab?


10-03-2007 17:00:18

it may take a while to green


10-03-2007 17:06:08

Can i take more than 24 hrs?


10-03-2007 17:08:17

yeah it can


10-03-2007 17:23:24

also note that no one here controls those greens either. just wanted to make sure u were aware of that. be patient and keep that confirmation email and follow the TOS of the trial


10-03-2007 19:48:44

Did you clear your cookies and make sure they were enabled?? If so, it still may take some time. Depending on the site, if you don't have credit within 7 days, you can file a missing credit request. You will need your confirmation email, so be sure to save it.