flashipods4free vs. yournintendowii4free

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ghost utopia

10-03-2007 11:46:59

I've got a question... I want to go for cash on either of these two sites. I've already signed up and completed an offer on both, so I can use either.

What have less people already signed up for between flashipods4free and yournintendowii4free? I'd want to go with that one, so there'd be more people able to go green on it for a trade.

I guess it's hard to tell, but I figure someone might have some insight.



10-03-2007 11:48:34

You can complete both of them and submit for approval and get paid by completing both site.


10-03-2007 13:10:04

Just by guessing I'd say more people have done yournintendowii4free because it seems that i have seen more posts for that one. Maybe it's because I have done that one myself and not done the flashipods one. like i said, just a guess.


10-03-2007 13:16:08

I would definitely say more people have done yournintendowii4free. I finished that site in a lot less time than flashipods4free, but that's just me.


10-03-2007 13:23:47

Flashipods4free has been out for a lot longer, and almost everyone and their brother already has an iPod. So, I'd say yournintendowii4free would be easier to finish.