trade credit

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10-03-2007 11:01:50

On my trade page it show 8 trades, when I posted to get refs to my site the profile only shows 4, why?


10-03-2007 13:13:24

Are you talking about your TR being 4 when you have done 8 trades? If you traded with anyone with a tr less than 4 and you have a tr less than 4 you won't get credit for the trade. if you did a non cc site you will not get credit for the trade. Sometimes it takes a day or so for the mods to credit the trades. All of these are possible. If none of this is the case then pm a mod and ask what the prob is.


10-03-2007 13:34:52

Are the 8 trades still open? You only get your TR up when you've both requested trade and like soon2b said, you're both over TR4....

And wow, another person from Kansas, I was thinking I was all by myself...