I have a question about getting credit for a offer more than

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10-03-2007 05:27:53

im a newb here ive only done offers for two people and one of them didnt go so well. so i tried a doyu on a site called myselect gifts i blew over 420 dollars just in shipping fees alone on my prepaid debit card but then i found out i made a mistake see the site tricked me with those pop up things that screw up my browser each time id do an offer id get a pop on another site and it didnt go to the offer i was doing so it turned out to explain say they require u to do 2 offers on page i signed for 6 offers on a page and then id get a pop for complete different item and i signed for those too. but as it turned out i basically signed for enough offers but for different items and blew all my money but im not given up i have threet cards 2 debit prepaid cards and 1 bank checking account card. can i use a different credit card to do the same offer on another site will i get credit ? the credit cards are visa and mastercard and both under the same adress here


10-03-2007 05:33:45

No, you can never complete the same offer twice...ever, no matter what credit card you use. You'll go on hold if you do.

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