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09-03-2007 17:52:21

I received a PM from someone and they posted their ref link in pm idk if it is against the rules or not and i was just curious whether or not it is allowed.


09-03-2007 17:53:50

Are you in a trade with them? If so, it is ok ... should be in the trade module, but it still works. If they just PMed you out of the blue, though, then it is Spam.


09-03-2007 17:57:47

they just pmed me out of the blue ty for the information


09-03-2007 18:29:50

If you have posted on the Trading Post that you are interested in doing sites, it is not spam if they PM you ONCE, but it is a little pushy to include a ref link.

NEVER use a link in a PM to do a trade - always insist that it be in the Trade Module. If you trade outside the TM, you are not covered by the same regulations.



10-03-2007 07:07:26

tyvm for the information everyone =)