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09-03-2007 16:54:42

So I've started to receive "trades" and now I not sure what to do. I go into the trade forums, confirm the trade THEN go ahead and on the sites and complete the offers? I'm a little bit confused of the steps...and how will the person I'm going green for track that I'm one of their referrals? roll


09-03-2007 16:57:09

Yes. People with the offers that you agree to do will set up the trade in the Trade module. They will, most times, put their referral link in there, too.

You will then confirm the trade, then click on the link they leave for you. When you sign up, it will show them your email, along with your status (weather or not you have completed any offers). When you complete the required amount of offers, it will show that on their status page.

Hope this helps, but feel free to PM me if you have any more questions.


09-03-2007 18:27:38

Don't forget to let them know what your sign up email is - either PM it to them or (preferably) put it in the Note/contacts column of the Trade.

Also remember to update your dropbox status so that they can see what you're doing. If I see someone on my account as yellow, but on their dropbox they have "offer complete" I know they did it and are waiting for credit.

Feel free to PM me if you have questions still.


It is also good to update them if you have a delay or when you go green (in case they don't check frequently).