Difference between green and approval?

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ghost utopia

09-03-2007 13:35:55

What is the difference between an offer being green and an approval? Some people say they'll pay on green... others on approval.



09-03-2007 13:37:12

Green means that once you sign up and complete the required offers. Approval is once the person has all the referrals they need, and the site approves them to submit for their prize.

ghost utopia

09-03-2007 13:38:27

Ah, thanks! That's pretty straight foward.

+Karma for you!


09-03-2007 14:32:00

Also, just for clarification on your trades, if there is no time limit established, then paying on approval could potentially take a long while, depending on how quickly the trader finds all of his/her refs. When I started out and did a site for approval, it took me about a month. It's understandable why it is done though because it helps protect against scammers and such.