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09-03-2007 10:25:07

I have a strange question I am hoping someone might know the answer to..........

My daughter and her roommate do not have internet access yet in their new appartment. They also don't have a phone, so they are looking for an internet connection that will not require them to have a land-line.

They have said if I can find one that is an offer on one of my freebie sites, they will pay for it if I can use the offer to get their service.

My questions are this

1. Can I complete an internet service offer from my home and use it for service for my daughter's apartment?? Or do you have to sign up for it from the location the service will be??

2. Anybody know of a good (relatively high speed) service that does not require a land-line?? Satelite will probably not be an option from their apartment. If it's not too expensive, they could probably even hook up a land-line with minimal service, if absolutely necessary.

Thanks in advance for all the help. They are going crazy without internet.



09-03-2007 13:07:15

Generally speaking, you can sign up and pay for anyones internet service; however, I wouldn't rec. doing it at an offer site as this could end up looking suspicious, and possibly put a hold on yours and your refs awards/accts.

If you wanted to try it, I would say the best way would be to sign up for yourself, and after completing the offer, call the isp and make the changes. Though this to might be risky.

As to a good non-landline provider, the only way to go that I know of is cable. If the girls already have cable tv, chances are good that they also provide internet service. In that case Sudenlink (formerly Cox Cable) is a good choice. Not doing a promo here ) !!

Hope I helped!



09-03-2007 13:10:36

Well you can always use her as a ref right? D that would work...


09-03-2007 14:57:24

[quoteb955962467="condra"]Well you can always use her as a ref right? D that would work...[/quoteb955962467]

Good idea!


09-03-2007 18:22:34

[quote314d497f06="condra"]Well you can always use her as a ref right? D that would work...[/quote314d497f06]

Except to use her as a ref, she has to be able to get on the internet. That was why she was hoping I could get credit for her signing up for internet service - she can't get on & do it herself because she doesn't have internet yet. lol

Once she gets online, she plans to be a ref for me for several of my sites, which is another reason to want her to get internet service.

I'll ask her about the cable, but I don't think they have cable TV either.

If they have a phone jack in the apartment, do they have to have actual phone service to get DSL??? Or is the phone jack all they need???

Thanks for all your help.



09-03-2007 22:40:13

I have a friend who wants to sign up for Netflix, I love getting refs like that!


10-03-2007 06:26:07

well my brother has internet with the phone company (bell) but no home phone. he just hooks it up through the jack...... but we are in canada so i'm not sure if it's the same where you're at.