Deleting cookies

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09-03-2007 09:32:58

I forgot to reset my cookies before I did a few offers. Does this mean that I won't get credit, or will it just take a little longer?


09-03-2007 09:36:35

It depends on if you had a cookie for the site of the offer you completed. If you did chances are you are going to have to submit for a manual credit.


09-03-2007 10:16:11

Could go either way. The most relevant question is if you have ever looked at the same offer on a different site.

But, I have done offers without remembering to clear my cookies and had them go through fine. So, it might or it might not. If you have to file a manual credit request, be sure to send your confirmation email with ALL of the headers. If you don't know how, there are several great posts here about that.



09-03-2007 14:36:05

Yeah, it's never an all or nothing deal where if you clear your cookies, then you're definitely going to get a green (though happens like 95% of the time) or if you don't clear your cookies that you definitely won't get a green. It really just helps a whole lot.