got a question again

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09-03-2007 02:26:05

could i post a topic in the trading post saying $20 dollars on aproval.cuz
im trying to get a prize from an offer an it a $500 dollars pay pal prize.
and it 12 ref so what im trying to say is can have people go green for me
and when i get the $500 dollars pay pal can i pay them from my pay pal from
the $500 dollars i get.cuz i don't have any money right now.thats why im asking.

ps im a newbie.


09-03-2007 02:34:57

Yes, you can say that you are paying on approval. However, as a newbie with 0 TR, you might find it hard to get people who will go green for you and then wait for the money on approval. The reason for this is the recent outcropping of scammers, so even though you might be perfectly legit, people will be unlikely to trade with you if you are only paying on approval since your TR is 0.


09-03-2007 05:08:00

You can offer to pay on approval, but will not likely get any takers, because according to the guidelines, the person with the lower TR is suppose to go first, and you really should NOT trade with other people with a TR0.

You would really be better off trying to do your site by trading site for site. I realize that would mean signing up for 12 new sites, but if you are planning on doing this for a while, that shouldn't be a problem. After that, you will have a TR of 12, which will make it a little easier to offer paying on approval.


PS If you PM me what site it is, I might be able to trade with you.


09-03-2007 05:59:00

Yeah, I agree with what's been said already. Basically, you can't really go into this, saying you will pay on approval with a TR of 0. Get your TR up by doing some trades with people, then try again and you'd most likely get better results.


09-03-2007 06:01:07

Make a topic on the trading post, and do green for green like said, or you can pay upfront, just make sure your doing it with a known member lol, not some random unknown user that might just run off with your paypel cry