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09-03-2007 00:38:12

can i still get a prize from an offer if i get all the referrals i needed but i did't
complete the offer myself.


09-03-2007 00:47:08

No, but there are a few sites that might let you exchange a ref for your offer.. I've done it once but the site no longer exists.

sandra habina

13-03-2007 05:31:47

Hotgifts4you may exchange a referral for your offer requirement.
I am working on Hotgifts4you if you are interested. PM me


13-03-2007 06:18:42

Officially4free network allows you to get more referrals instead of completing offers or complete more offers instead of getting referrals on any site )


13-03-2007 16:24:14

primodinero, 2dollardeal, customorderthis, zeropricetags all let you exchange an extra ref for doing an offer