What is wrong with YourPS34Free Site

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08-03-2007 17:08:05

I started working the YourPS34Free site a few days ago. I put in a support ticket 2 days ago and still have not received an answer on it. I have 4 referrals, all of which tell me they have completed all their offers and none of their offers are showing as credited. Is it me being impatient? or does someone know if there is something wrong with the site?


08-03-2007 17:10:15

Sometimes it takes a little while for things to go through. However, Trainn is really great with getting things worked out, so I'd wait a little longer.


08-03-2007 17:20:21

From my experiences, TraInn typically takes 2-3 business days for the support tickets to be read and answered. Just wait 'til tomorrow, and you'll most likely have an answer. I hope I've been helpful.


08-03-2007 17:27:55

Thanks, I had a feeling I was being impatient, but with none of my refs crediting, it had me concerned. I will give it some time.


08-03-2007 19:18:26

I just finished that site a week ago and had no problems