Interested in getting an Xbox 360. I have some questions...

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ghost utopia

08-03-2007 08:27:28

OK, well, I'm totally new to this, but this forum seems like a great resource. What I'm attempting to obtain is an Xbox 360. By searching on this forum, it appears that is the best site to go through.

What I'm wondering is-- since this site has been around for quite a while, I assume that many people have already signed up, limiting the amount of referrals I can possibly get (whether as a trade for another green or cash).

Before going headfirst into this, is it still somewhat possible to obtain the referrals needed? If it isn't, is there a better site to get an Xbox 360?

I plan on this being the first thing I go for... but definitely not the last. Any help will be appreciated, and I will definitely help out others as I learn more.

Thanks for even reading. Thanks even more if you have any advice!


08-03-2007 08:30:07

You shouldn't have any problem obtaining referrals for that site. Just use the trade module.


08-03-2007 09:09:18

Many sites offer the xbox. 3604free is a Trainn site - part of the Trainn network. They are generally great to work with.

There should be lots of people here who can be referrals for you, as well as many people who would be glad to pay you to be their referral on that site (I would be one). The Trading Post can help you there.

Welcome to FiPG. Feel free to PM me if you have questions or want advice about anything - I know it can seem confusing at times.