Always so much PM Spam?

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07-03-2007 22:20:57

Is there always so much PM spam or is it just because I am new.

People, I have my post in the trading forum, if you want to go with that, fine. if you want to say Hi and welcome. Fine. In fact I'll give you karma for a nice welcome note without any offers attached. If you want to spam me to sign up under you, go away.


07-03-2007 22:24:29

People PM you if you have an offer in the trade post because it is a guaranteed quicker response. Plus, a post can be easily missed if there are a lot of posts made before you look again. PMing is just a general good way to show you are interested in the offer you saw.

By the way, welcome to the forum.


08-03-2007 04:18:53

welcome and good luck


08-03-2007 04:22:55

If you have posted in the Trading Post that you are interested in trading, then it is only spam if they send you PMs over and over. You have expressed an interest, and thus invited responses.

I personally keep a list of who I PM with offers and try to be very careful to never PM anyone more than once if they don't respond to the first PM, but I don't know that everyone is that careful.

And welcome. We're glad to have you here. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or want advice about anything.



08-03-2007 06:35:57

People should only be PM'ing you about sites you're pursuing in your Trading Post topic. In fact, that's generally the way trades are handles -- you post a Trading Post topic, people may or may not post in your topic expressing interest, but the trade is almost always confirmed via PM before setting up in the Trading Module.

However if you're getting a lot of unsolicited PM's to trade for sites other than those you're looking for, then that's considered spam and not allowed here.