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07-03-2007 19:10:30


I would like to know on this forum when you use the Trade form.. does it also work for Non-CC or you can only add TR for website that requires CC?

thanks a lot


07-03-2007 19:11:58

Read this



07-03-2007 19:12:53

You use it to document all trades.

TR is only credited if at least 1 of the traders has a TR of 4+ when the trade begins, and if the site is a cc site. Trades between people with less than 4 TR or over sites which are non-cc sites will not result in TR being credited.


07-03-2007 19:17:45

Trades you are not going to receive TR for (nocc sites and if you are both under 4) should still be listed in the Trade Module, for your own protection and that of your trading partner.