How to get referrals?

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06-03-2007 20:53:22


I've signed up for multiple freebie sites where I completed the offer and such. However I've tried creating fliers and posting them all over, making blogs, and adding the links to my signatures on other message boards and have had no luck getting referrals. In fact I have 0...

Any tips or ways to get easy referrals?



06-03-2007 20:54:23

Check out or trading forum


06-03-2007 20:55:56

Post a trade topic in the trade forum listing the sites you are paying for greens, as well as the price you are paying for that site.

Another thing would be to get your TR up by doing some sites for other people first, then when your TR is higher people will be more inclined to trade with you.

However, part of the process is patience, so if things seem slow, just wait it out.