Ok I have a problem

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06-03-2007 15:20:18

Ok, so I'm pretty sure that this hasn't happened to anyone...but if someone has a suggestion.
I looked in my bank account today and have an electronic check from one of the offer sites, for the full amount of the product. I also have an electronic check for the sample cost from a month ago...
I keep track of all the offers I sign up for, and save all the confirmation emails, yet I don't have any information on this product...and I wouldn't imagine even thinking of using an electronic check instead of my card. So I emailed the support of the site wondering what is going on...but has anyone had this happen to them before? Or have any suggestions on what to do?


06-03-2007 15:21:39

which offer or company did the check go out to?


06-03-2007 15:29:50

It was momentumdirect.net It is all the 2 day slim down and the permaslim and they have some other products on their, but I clicked on the contact us link instead of looking around more. I didn't complete any offers on the feb 12th which is when the original amount was debited...and anything else a few days before that wasn't anything they offer. so i don't get it.


09-03-2007 09:52:24

just to let everyone now know...I have been charged a total of 227.46 from this stupid website. I am so pissed...I am just hoping it all gets resolved soon.


09-03-2007 11:42:38

Most credit card charges from the companies show up a few days later after you have completed the offer, for example you complete an offer today it might not show up till 3 days later on your statement, thats the way i noticed it for me.


09-03-2007 12:39:32

yeah...this is something that I signed up for feb 2nd. trial offer got charged a few days later. Then march 2 another charge, then march 9 another charge...all this after I cancelled, hmmm thats fishy


09-03-2007 15:37:01

Yeah, that's definitely something you should look into =\ Good thing you keep a watch on your card for expenses. That sounds pretty shady on the company's part to me. I've been accidentally credited by a company for $60 once but then had them charge me back that $60. I don't know what that was all about.