Isn't there a better way?,,,

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06-03-2007 14:37:58

Ok, so I know about getting refs through myspace, but I don't have a myspace page and I also heard that myspace refs hardly ever green, so my question is has anyone been successful in getting refs other than paying for them?

I mean, I tried craigslist, but the members just flagged it down as spam, so i am curious to hear from the rest of you.


06-03-2007 14:41:16

Have your friends help you out. Sometimes they will be willing, especially if they want to try something anyways (like Netflix, Gamefly, or Blockbuster, just to name a few).


06-03-2007 15:50:16

or just trade. sign up for someone's site and they do yours. OR do a site that u can do all the offers urself


06-03-2007 16:09:15

Thank you for your answers but those methods have limited returns. I was actually trying to get a discussion started, a sort of brainstorming to devlop a method of exponentially increasing refs. If anyone has any ideas feel free to post.


06-03-2007 16:13:08

You could also create a blog(not myspace) and put your links in.


06-03-2007 16:19:04

Does anyone read blogs anyway? A general moneymaking blog would be interested to our niche (us) but the market is kinda saturated and many websites and blogs lack real informational meat. If I/or anyone for that matter were to start a blog it would have to have enough value to capture readers. but that is not a bad idea