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06-03-2007 13:12:03

so... i am planning on being a refs for people as soon as my simon card is emailed to me (still waiting).. i am getting anxious b/c over the past week i have just been observing and reading pretty much everything on the site, which answers alot of my own questions... i want to get a higher rating so i am going to do greens first then plan on getting ref for myself .. is selling greens (think thats what its called) alot more confussing at first or once i have completed a few greens for others will it pretty much answer my own questions and be similar once i am on the other side? any type of advice for making real good money doing this?
thank you-saj

ps. this is my second post this week.. i am allowed to do that right.. just no more for a while correct? thanks again


06-03-2007 13:21:57

As far as I know, with the exception of the Trade Forum, you can post a new topic in the other forums as needed, as long as it isn't spam.

In regards to getting TR and making money, it is good to start out going green for other people with a TR of 4+ on sites that are credit card sites, as non-cc sites will not increase your TR.

Once you get your TR a little higher and feel comfortable with it, you can then turn around and offer to pay people to go green for you. It is relatively easy to catch on to all this after your first few trades, but if you have any questions, ask, and people will (mostly) help you out.


06-03-2007 13:39:19

Thank you .. you are always very helpful. I can't wait to get started!


06-03-2007 13:43:51

Welcome to the forums, and thanks for getting the feel of things before rushing in.

With the exception of the Trading Post forum, where you may create a new thread only once per 72 hours and bump a thread only once per 24 hours, you can post as much and as often as you like, provided it's relevant, meaningful posts and not spam, rude/antagonizing, or critical of me.

Okay, that last one was a joke. P ;)


06-03-2007 14:48:03

haha.. thank you


06-03-2007 17:20:45

What worked well for me when I started (after reading everything, etc) was to do my first 4-5 trades for $$, then trade site for site for the next 6-8. By that time I had a better TR rating and had more success in finding people I could pay for greens. But realisically, you could start trading site for site after your first paid site, which is probably an even better idea.