??Instant Green??

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06-03-2007 13:01:59

Is there a way to tell which offers will go green instantly. I've done several that are still in limbo,had to manual credit, this after my first went green almost instantly.

The Question
Do offers where you're paying s/h for a product go green before one where you may be doing a 7 day free trial?


06-03-2007 15:08:51

No for everything


06-03-2007 17:24:28

There seems to be no real pattern, and what greens instantly for one person will often not for another. Patience is definately the key around here.

Generally, I expect everything to take at least 24 hours longer than stated, then if it doesn't, I am pleasantly surprised.



06-03-2007 21:00:07

check the sticky at the top of the page...it gives you instructions on how to green faster, like clearing your cookies!
you can find all your answers there )