iPod Mini V2 - 8GB

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06-03-2007 07:08:57

Are there any sites that offer the 8 GB Mini 2's? I dont have enough music or interest for a Video iPod but my regular 4 GB mini from like the beginning of eternity finally died.


06-03-2007 07:12:06

Do you mean Nano? Mini's are discontinued and haven't been sold (new) for a long time now. The Nano is the new Mini.

There are several freebie sites that offer the Nano, and most allow custom orders or cash options that would let you buy your own.


06-03-2007 07:20:48

Oh ok, I knew they were using the hard case from the mini so I thought they were still considered by that name. But, this is what I mean.[=http//www.amazon.com/Apple-iPod-Nano-Black-generation/dp/B000EPHP4U/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/102-0892564-2733720?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1173194696&sr=8-1]this is what I mean.


06-03-2007 08:34:49

I saw that exact picture when I cashed out my YouriPodNano4Free (Trainn). I would also imagine you could do a custom order on about any site...........



06-03-2007 11:43:11

You can get one from Youripodnano4free.com for only 5 refs.