newbie question - multiple sites

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06-03-2007 05:57:30

Hi, new here and wanted to make sure of something, so I don't do it wrong. I'm seeing many sites with similiar names. Such as dell.vbux and sony.vbux. These sites seem to be different, but end in vbux so I'm assuming they are the same group. If you sign/register for one of these are you registered for all then that end in .vbuxurl==http://=http:///url or do you need to register under each seperately? I don't want to make a mistake and get put on hold for registering twice or mess up any trades because I was already registered under one site. ? ?


06-03-2007 08:32:24

Many of the sites belong to networks, such as v-bux, YourGiftsFree, etc. You are allowed to do each SITE once (for example, you can do Dell.v-bux, Sony.v-bux, & Apple.v-bux EACH once).

Many of the networks do ask you when you sign up for an "existing account" so they can copy your info over - but the referral will still count for the person whose link you used. You can do different sites within a network for different people, but again, you can only do each SITE once.

Any clearer???



06-03-2007 08:45:28

yes. Thank you very much