Suggestions for getting TR cred

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05-03-2007 11:43:22

I've already joined about 7 or 8 sites already and now I'm looking to gain some referrals. I'm willing to pay but with me being new I'm having trouble getting any replies to my offers. Any suggestions?


05-03-2007 12:15:35

When I said to remove the referral links, that's because it is against the rules. You are still allowed to post links to the sites that you are wanting to pay people to do. As long as you say what sites you are paying for and how much you are paying, you are bound to get people eventually.

Also, try trading with people who have a TR of at least 4, so that your TR will also increase. As your TR increases, you'll find it easier to get people to work for you.

Lastly ... Have patience. Even the best traders have times when people aren't looking to do offers. Sometimes you just have to wait it out.


05-03-2007 15:42:27

Your best bet with your low TR may be to trade green for green for a while to get your TR up, then offer to pay for greens once you have a higher TR and can get better trades. That is how I started off, and it worked well for me.

If you make a post on the Trading Post (assuming you have not made one in the last 3 days) offering to trade green for green, you will get responses. Try not to trade with others less than TR4, because then you won't get TR credit.



06-03-2007 05:26:19

Your best bet...and this is how I trade with mods! They are wouldn't have to worry about getting scammed at all...and green for green at will have more luck with that.