I can't start new trades.

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03-03-2007 18:09:43

I have talked with some other members via PM's. We agreed to certain trades. Specifically, I offered them money for their greens. Then I clicked on their username and their profile came up. I then clicked on "initiate a trade with this user" and, instead of going to the TM, I get this

"Failed. This can happen for several reasons
- You tried to initiate a trade with yourself
- You included a link in the subject (add it later in the "notes" field)
- Your subject was too short. Make it meaningful.

Admins/mods, please help. (


03-03-2007 18:16:57

Run a search for "IE7." This is a common problem arising from security settings in the latest version of Internet Explorer. (Please forgive me for not replying to your PM, but I saw your post and figured this was worth replying to in public.)


03-03-2007 18:17:00

internet security settings are too high. You need to lower them. I forget where the topic is but it is here for you to read. I know MMM usually point people in the direction of it.

Tools, internet options, security, then lower the settings

Edit KeithA got to it before me.


03-03-2007 18:46:02

And as stueybaby said, I have come to point the way again.



03-03-2007 18:46:11

Thanks, guys. I brought my security down one notch and now I can set up trades.