what does this mean...

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03-03-2007 06:19:50

I went gren yesterday for someone and the trade saysWaiting for Credit to be Approved. what does that mean, i am green, and haven't cancel,how long until i get paid?


03-03-2007 06:22:42

you have to wait till the trader cashes out. what site?
if you traded with someone with greater TR than yours, you need to wait till they get their prize, unless specified otherwise


03-03-2007 06:33:59

He didn't tell me that, i told him, i would only do one for him, if it paid quick, because I had a few other I could do that would pay that day. I quess you learn while you go. thanks


03-03-2007 06:51:24

Does your trade in the Trade Module specify paying on green or paying on approval?? You should always be sure the details are listed in the TM.

And, Condra, since when does higher TR automatically mean you wait for approval?? I don't remember reading that in the rules.