Points based XM/Sirius system?

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03-03-2007 00:12:58

I'm wondering-

Are there any good liprovenli points based sirius/xm portable player sites?


03-03-2007 04:57:26

http//radio.123stuffforfree.com/ offers Sirius radios, but it's a referral base site.


03-03-2007 06:59:54

There's www.satellitesweeps.com , not for sure how great the radio they send out is though, or if it's portable.

You can even save up enough points to get 6 month/1 year subs.

Edit This site is pretty quick at shipping too. I've completed their other site, www.ipodsweepstakes.com , and recieved my iPod within a week.


03-03-2007 08:52:08

Just letting you know if you're planning on getting Satellite Radio for the first time...

SIRIUS is offering a lifetime subscription option for $499.99 [up to 3 radio swaps]... This offer will probably disappear [u1ddf77a620]very soon[/u1ddf77a620] (Mel Karmazin doesn't even like the idea of a lifetime sub to begin with)...

Regardless, SIRIUS Lifetime Subs will be honored.

Just giving you a little info before you take the plunge into Satellite Radio ;)


03-03-2007 09:18:59

Thanks for your help gang!