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01-03-2007 17:49:28

hey just wondering what giftmonkey is because I have heard lots of stuff in the brag bag about how good they are and how people make lots of money from them.

So here's the question What is the giftmonkey website and how does it work?



01-03-2007 22:14:45

Well, It is a point based site where when you sign up, the first offer you complete credits towards the person you signed up under and credits towards yourself. After that you basically get people to sign up under you and complete offers just like every other site. The difference with Gift Monkey is that they list there offers anywhere from 1/2 a point to 4 points per offer. Prizes are listed at a cost of points. Those people that sign up underneath you can complete as many offers as they want. All of which credit points towards your account. You can complete the site as many times as you wish. And if you want to go and complete offers for someone different than who you signed up under, you can easily switch the number of the person who referred you. Most people pay between $5 - $15 PayPal per point. Hope that helps, any other questions?


03-03-2007 07:09:35

I've been wondering about giftmonkey myself, that's a great overview!


03-03-2007 19:37:20

it's a great site, it goes on forever..... don't look at my signature though, it might temp you.