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01-03-2007 17:34:02

I keep getting the failed message when I try to click on edit to enter my paypal information. So far people owe me like 50 bucks but I can't put my paypal info in so they can pay me. I did a search for answers but came up with a whole bunch of links that don't work....including the ones that were sent to somebody else who asked the same question. I am using explorer 7...maybe that is the problem? Can somebody help me?


01-03-2007 17:47:13

IE7 is definately a problem, but why can't you just PM your PayPal address to the other traders and they can pay you then. I know it is helpful for me if the other trader puts it on the trade, but I would never not pay someone if they couldn't.



01-03-2007 18:23:19

Try lowering the security options


02-03-2007 12:42:41

You could try firefox for your browser.


02-03-2007 14:35:41

You could try mozilla firefox. If you don't have it, you can download it free. I have IE7 and firefox and have found each one has its benefits. Firefox seems to work best. IE7 seems to have issues with script files. IE7 also will not let you give TR points after a trade. Firefox does. Just a suggestion.

William Lackey

03-03-2007 18:47:53

In signing up I used my real name. How can I change it?


03-03-2007 18:49:05

If you are talking about your User Name, then the answer is that you can't change it.


03-03-2007 19:02:33

[quote8cb7ea2762="William Lackey"]In signing up I used my real name. How can I change it?[/quote8cb7ea2762]

Why is this posted here, in the middle of a thread it has nothing to do with?? Next time please use "New Topic" to start a new thread.

And, no, you can't change your username - but it is refreshing to see someone using their real name instead of some made up nickname.



03-03-2007 19:07:42

since you joined not so long ago you could make a new one,...if you really wish that...


03-03-2007 19:13:42

definately use firefox, it seems to work better all around and especially with freebie sites