Anyone else NOT get clickable links with displayed offers?

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01-03-2007 10:03:02

Hi guys,

I'm getting a lot of offer pages fully loading except that none of the offers can be clicked on. I had to cancel 3 trades simply because I couldn't actually get to the offers! Anybody experience this or at least know how I can solve it?

Before anyone responds, please understand that the following is what I have already done
(I.E. is my primary browser, but I'm also getting the same in FireFox)

- I've followed all the usual browser configuration tips.
- Cleared all cookies first.
- Set the browser to accept all cookies.
- Made sure that my firewall isn't restricting the activity.
- Verified that a particular site's cookie was indeed active after I got there.

Also, please understand that I'm simply not getting a clickable link anywhere IN, ON or AROUND the offer picture. The full page loads just fine and all the other NON-offer related links on the page work fine, but the offers themselves do NOT load with hyper-links!

NOTE I'm not having this problem with ALL sites. I ALWAYS have this problem with the type of offer pages found on ANY of the sites or any other site that uses that particular type of offer listing.

I could sure use a little help here. Thanks!


01-03-2007 12:41:16

You say you've set your browser to accept cookies, and make sure your firewall isn't restricting ... but have you tried lowering yout browser's security settings as well? Just because your firewall allows it, and cookies are enabled, doesn't mean that your browser is allowing it. Try lowering the security settings and see if that works.

Hopefully that will help you )


01-03-2007 15:10:36

Thanks for the advice MMM, but unfortunately that is not the problem either. It's as if those offer links are using a script that my system doesn't recognize (even tho I have javascript fully enabled and all the latest flash and java upgrades fully functional). Through temporary testing I've even tried opening up E.I. to be so vulnerable that it would make the average malintent hacker scream in agony for missing such easy pickins.

I've spent an ungodly amount of time purusing the internet over a very long time with all my standard settings and NEVER, I mean never not been able to access a link (until I recently started accessing freebie sites... and then it is only SOME of them [ic99c7bef5b]at that[/ic99c7bef5b]).

No, my friend, the answer lies elsewhere (... perhaps the universe itself is trying to tell me something).

Does anyone know exactly WHAT scripting enables those links to function?