Is this a scam???

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28-02-2007 12:07:33

I have completed several offers and had some completed for me, I've spent more piddly dollars on my CC than I would like and have only been credited with about 30% of the "Instant Credit" offers that I have completed so far in 5 days of doing this. I was going to pay one poor girl who tried about 8 offers at a particular site and sure enough they only gave her 4/5 points she needed and will not credit the rest. I did one offer for a particular trader that was credited, I was paid, and then the credit was completely revoked for no good reason at all, so now I have to refund this person. What gives? Have any of you "old-timers" experienced this before? Is there a solution or do companies just scam people for their free-trial offers and not hold their end of the deal? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


28-02-2007 12:27:14

I see a lot of posts like this...and i don't understand. I had 1 offer not credit when i first started...but since i've started deleting my cookies and cache i've never had an offer not credit...have you read this thread? http//


28-02-2007 12:32:02

Thanks for the reply. That is really what I am complaining about. I have done everything as instructed, I have read that post you linked to before I even considered my first deal, all cookies deleted, accept all cookies etc...I have done freebie sites before so I understand somewhat how they work. But i am not getting credited even after doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. Its a little scary to me, especially when someones else's money or my money is involved. I'm also new and have 5 trades in my module at this very second completed up to 3 days ago that were suposed to be instant but have not been credited. I don't want a bad rep as a trader because my offers are not clearing. Any advice here at all, or other horror stories to look out for?


28-02-2007 12:35:18

That is strange. I've never had those types of problems before...a few non-crediting ones in the beginning, but never credit revoked. Hopefully no one is trying to do these offers with IE7 since I heard that had significant problems associated with it. Which offers did you do?


28-02-2007 12:38:54

And from what I recall, both of the sites you did for me credited without problem thus far. Hmm, not sure if you've seen this thread before but maybe it will help somewhat http//


28-02-2007 12:41:09

That was my next question...are you using IE7? I've heard people have problems with that...altough i've had a lot of users green for me using IE7....


28-02-2007 13:04:45

at work I think I have used IE6, but surprisingly that is where some of them have greened from, so I have no idea, no other suggestions?


28-02-2007 14:55:00

I'm not getting many responses here, am I the only one having problems?


28-02-2007 19:08:49

Many of my offers do not credit as fast as promised, but most do eventually (sometimes 4-5 days later). I have had to put in a few missing credit requests, most of which worked (all except two, but who knows??)

Don't forget to save all of your confirmation emails, and if you have to file missing credit, send ALL of your headers.



28-02-2007 19:42:33

I think you've had some bad luck. I started this thing about a month ago and had done tons of offers for greens. I've only had and am still having problems with 2 sites/offers that are not crediting. I use IE7.0 and in the beginning I didn't even delete my cookies......

Who knows.....maybe I've been lucky!!


01-03-2007 14:25:47

I am having the same problem as the poster. I have been doing these sites off and on for a few years now and just started back up. Most of my 'instant' credits do not credit instantly. This is happening on several different sites. I do delete cookies, etc. I've never had this big of a problem in the past until now.

I have IE7 and FireFox and have used both of them. If IE7 is the problem, is there anyway to go back to IE6? I tried when I first got this laptop but couldn't figure it out.


05-03-2007 11:39:34

The only other suggestion I myself as a fairly new person can think of is watch out for singing up for sites on your home computer and then completing the offers on your work computer. I use my work computer to check on my trades and post, but only my home computer to sign up for sites and offers. Some work computers do not have static IP addresses or more than one share an IP.