Good custom order sites?

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27-02-2007 23:23:55

Are there any good sites that offer custom orders? By good I mean with decent payout, and don't require two offers to complete?


28-02-2007 05:57:38

In my experience, most sites will do a custom offer (if they don't show the option, you can often request through support).

As far as offers, the toss-up is that sites that require less in the way of offers require more in the way of referrals (after all, they're in business too). It's finding the balance with a site that is not too difficult to complete, but still can offer a good payout.

At the beginning, I would stick with the well-known sites.



28-02-2007 09:23:22

I understand that the more offers one person does the less people you will need, but I'd just rather have simple 1 offer sites and have to worry about getting a couple more people.