Help! Refusing to pay!

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27-02-2007 20:08:00

A guy I'm working with says that he's been kicked off the site and now can't pay me - what do I do? Is that ok? He's still contacting me via PM so I'd think if he was kicked off he wouldn't be able to do that. Any suggestions? Thanks so much,

Amber (aseastar)


27-02-2007 20:17:28

Contact a Mod. That sounds wrong. He should still be able to pay you via paypal. And shouldn't be able to contact you via PM if he is banned either.


27-02-2007 21:17:25

Sounds to me like he means he has been kicked off the freebie site he is working on....not this site. And if thats the case...its not your fault he did something to get kicked off...i would think he still owes you...