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27-02-2007 19:37:18

So far i've made about 8 bucks on this site. I signed up for over 6 offers and spent over 60 bucks in s/h and fees and what not. and id say nearly every site has not credited me. and i mean EVERY site.

I sign up, i complete the process (which is extremely irritating considering half the sites do not accept my cc) then after i sign up for an offer, i don't get any credit.

I followed instructions step by step. allow pop ups, allow cookies etc etc. Ive lost $60 for nothing.

I want to cancel some of these companies that i signed up for, but im thinking of just waiting a day or two to see if anything happens. Im worried that they'll start flooding my cc with charges as well.

Anyone know why this is happening?

PS Also alot of the sites i sign up for and pay for, they do not send me any confirmation emails. Is it because i use hotmail? feedback is appreciated


27-02-2007 19:48:57

Do you clear your cookies often? Sometimes that will result in not getting credit, if you look at many offers on many networks.

I also use hotmail for my freebies, and I get almost all confirmation emails. However, you may want to check your junk folder every so often, especially if you are expecting something.

I can't explain why every site isn't crediting, unless they are all the same network. Also, instant offers are not all instant, so give it a few days to see if something happens.


27-02-2007 19:51:53

Check your spambox at hotmail for the confirmation email. And submit for a manual credit. Make sure you include full headers (you have to click a link for them)

Make sure you delete your cookies to ensure you get credit.

Don't talk about canceling offers in the forums.

Dont' give up. It takes a while before you start really making money.


27-02-2007 19:52:46

Damn, MMM. You beat me to it. All the time!


27-02-2007 19:53:04

i appreciate that. i just cant afford to have all 6 offers come in and bill me at once before i cancel you know?

Im going to try creating a new email account through hot mail. i have checked my junk mail folder as well.


27-02-2007 19:56:15

I've heard there's some problems with using the browser IE7. When my friend tried it out, he immediately switched back because no offers whatsoever credited for him while using that version.


28-02-2007 10:44:45

well maybe I was the only one to notice but you joined on the 27th and posted this thread on the 27th. what did you give it maybe an hour?


28-02-2007 11:09:58

[quoteb0ef14f60a="gator1002"]well maybe I was the only one to notice but you joined on the 27th and posted this thread on the 27th. what did you give it maybe an hour?[/quoteb0ef14f60a]

Great point - I missed that.

fp-work - [bb0ef14f60a]many[/bb0ef14f60a] offers (including those that claim to be instant) in reality take between 2 hours and 2 days to credit. You will find here if you stick around that patience is truly important.