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27-02-2007 14:00:00

I completed 3 or so sites for someone and the site couldn't recognize his name. His name is blank in my trade modules and on my feedback screen for the one he did pay for completing.

Anyway, I emailed him to ask him to pay up for other offers and he tells me -he can't access the site and so can't pay anyone that completed an offer for him until things change. I guess meaning 'get back on site'

? WHAT DO I DO? Alot of $$$$$ I put into his sites.


27-02-2007 14:05:21

What was his username? The mods should be able to check out what happened.


27-02-2007 14:05:27

PM dmoris he'll handl3 it


27-02-2007 14:31:07

It could have been a problem with the server. They seem to be still working all the bugs out of it. I knwo before when they switched servers completly a lot of information was lost. Some may have been lost again. It has happened to me also, but I was paying and they didnt' even go yellow. So nothing to worry about for me.

A mod should be able to help out with that. And dmoris is your best bet, he does a lot of the coding and whatnot for the forums.


27-02-2007 14:49:47

Thanks I'll give it a try.

Who is theysayjump. He says to contact him. Does it really matter who.


27-02-2007 14:56:07

he's a mod so he maybe can solve this D

just type his name in the users, it will take you to his profile and you can pm him


27-02-2007 15:45:23

[quotea21c081843="crys27"]Thanks I'll give it a try.

Who is theysayjump. He says to contact him. Does it really matter who.[/quotea21c081843]

At the top of the sub forums ( ie help, trading post, off topic) there is a link for the Moderators. You can get a list of the mods there.


27-02-2007 16:59:25

[quote0a6fe43568="crys27"]Who is theysayjump.[/quote0a6fe43568]

one of life's greatest riddles


27-02-2007 18:45:52

PM me the username.

We're having periodic table crashes since the move to the new host. When it happens, sometimes user accounts get dropped. I've been restoring those that are pointed out to me.