A question about freebie website offers

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27-02-2007 11:33:54

Here's my question Do all websites have the same offers? Because I have completed offers for numerous websites, but it seems like I am running out of options because the only offers left are expensive for the trials which means that it is expensive to go green.

I already know that some websites have more offers available to complete, but it still seems like they all have mostly the same offers. I have done all the good ones "aka free ones" and I was wondering If I am missing something or will I have to pay money to do future greens? Most of the time greens dont cost that much, but I am wondering what is going to happen when I have done all the cheapest offers.

Thanks for the help


27-02-2007 11:43:41

yeah there are mostly the same offers, Trainn offers like 100 choices, many very low cost and such, but one day you'll run out of doing those

then you migh want to consider buying greens and completing the site for yourself
and sometimes offers are added - new ones

hope it helps ) i want karma


27-02-2007 13:28:45

Also, if you do happen to run out of offers to do for a site, most will allow you to get an extra referral instead of doing an offer. Not all will allow this, but most do I believe. You'd have to submit a request to the site though, and also be signing up unreferred.


27-02-2007 13:41:04

Depends on which sites you do. Many sites have different offer selections (especially the "corporate" ones like trainn, freepay, etc) and new offers are popping up constantly.