What does page 1 and page 2 mean on 5004me site?

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27-02-2007 10:31:51

Okay, I am trying to complete an offer on 5004me site. When I go to offers, I get a page1 and a page2 request for completion. I went ahead and completed an offer and have received credit for page 1 and my status shows 50% completed. So I figured the page 1&2 must mean that the offers are only worth 1/2 credit each, so I have to complete a second offer. So I go into offers again, find one I want to complete and the screen says that this will be credited to page 1, of which the site says I have already completed. Now I am confused and frustrated yet again. Any insight?


27-02-2007 10:42:51

you have to complete 1 offer on page 1
and 1 offer on page 2


27-02-2007 11:05:03

so do not click 2 offers from page 1, but only one from each page


28-02-2007 06:24:53

I also did the 5004free site. Page one was pretty easy to complete but once I went to page 2 every offer said either "sign up for trial" or "purchase kit". Even after looking at the sign up for trial offers they still turned out to be complete purchases and expensive...not really worth $20 unless you want to purchase Carlton Sheets or $119 worth of wine or a year subcription to something else...
Now I have something else to watch for when trading but I have done a two offer site that wasn't bogus.