I'm new, can't put contact info (paypal) in the receiver box

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27-02-2007 06:33:24

I am very new, but I think something is wrong. I have completed two trades, and I cannot enter anything in the receiver contact info box in the trade module. Every time I click edit, it says
"Failed. This happens for a number of reasons. Some of the more common are
-Trade isn't confirmed
-You pressed cancel
-You attempted to edit a variable unassociated with your username."
Can someone help?


27-02-2007 07:20:01

did you confirm the trades?


just a few, try doing a search first D


27-02-2007 08:11:40

Thanks for the links, yeah, I need to search harder, when I didnt find it right away, I figured someone would be able to give me specifics anyway. Thanks for the tip!