Trade disappeared

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27-02-2007 05:58:22

Hi! Has anyone ever had a perfectly good trade just disappear from the TradeModule? I had one that was confirmed and had gone yellow. When I check it earlier yesterday, it was there, but when I went back to check it last night, it was totally gone. I also checked in Hidden Trades, but it wasn't there either. Embarassingly, I had forgotten the name of the person I had set up the trade with, so I went to my old PMs to try to find the ones we sent each other before initiating the trade and I couldn't find any of those either...Very weird! It's like anything to do with that person was just gone! They still show up on the website I'm trying to complete as "pending" so I know it's not just my imagination...I am actually missing a trade. I'm not sure what to do at this point...Any help would be great! Thanks!


27-02-2007 07:24:03

how about pm-ing a mod?

D maybe he can help you


27-02-2007 09:46:03

if u never confirmed the trade and the other person requested deletion it will disappear. click "hidden trades" and see if it is there. if not, maybe it was lost when the site crashed? PM a mod if u cannot find it. pm the person with whom u are trading as well


28-02-2007 21:06:59

Well, I PM'd a mod. Unfortunately he wasn't able to help me, although he really did try. He said he'd never heard of this happening and really didn't have an explanation for it...I'm just as confused as ever, but at this point, I'm going to give it a couple of days and see if that other person goes green and contacts me. Keeping my fingers crossed but not holding out much hope...


01-03-2007 07:33:44

The only thing I can imagine is that the users account got trashed and dropped, as has happened some lately, but if that were the case the trade should still be there just with an empty name.

If you can remember the person's username, I can check their account to see if it's still intact.