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27-02-2007 00:23:46

Ok I was wondering what freebie websites that I should look into being affiliated with. I have heard rumors about freebie sites that are hard to complete or take a lot of time or offers to fufill greens. I am not looking for these and I dont want to try to go green without knowing which websites really pay off.

If you have had a good experience with a website and they have a variety of offers to check out post a response! I need to find some good websites. Hey I might be willing to go green if I check out the website and like it!

Thanks all


27-02-2007 00:43:48

i really like sites. their offers credit mostly like they are supposed to, they pay within 7 days of approval (which is usually around the 3rd or 4th day) after approval which only takes 24 hrs. their support is awesome!!


27-02-2007 04:59:55

Some of the sites that are "harder" are that way because the payout is MUCH better, for example, the v-bux sites require several offers to complete, but payout at a much higher ratio (usually $60-100 per ref, compared to a typical $35-45).

Some sites have more offers than others, some credit faster, some approve faster. It's hard to say which are "better" without knowing which of these are most important to you. I have had sucess so far with OrderCash4Free, v-bux, and Trainn, but that's just because I'm not done with any of the others yet. Haven't had a problem with any.

Hope this helps you. If you want to check out any of the sites I am currently working on, PM me and I'll send you the links (and how much I am paying for each).