Hey what do I do about "Trade Failed"

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27-02-2007 00:05:08

Hey I have a guy that I confirmed a trade with. I havent talked to him in like a week and a half via e-mail or pm because every time I try to contact him he does not respond. I am trying to be patient, but I was wondering how I go about "requesting deletion". Dont they have to put "Request Deletion" as well to get the trade deleted.

The guy has left the Trade Failed up on the trades module the last time he logged in. I was wondering why the trade failed but as I said before he refuses to contact me back.



27-02-2007 01:15:08

If nothing has changed hands, that is, if noone has gone green or been paid or anything, just a trade set up, then you could just ask him to request deletion, and you could also request it. Even if he doesn't respond, it sounds like he reads your PMs, so he could read your request for deletion and set his status to delete the trade.

If he doesn't set it to Request Deletion, of things have changed hands (greens, money), then after 2 weeks of no contact, PM a mod. They are good at sorting things like this out.