what is the best site for free laptops?

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26-02-2007 19:42:30

I was wondering if anyone has gotten a free laptop from any of these sites, or if you know which site is the best for laptops. I was interested in an apple laptop. Thanks for your help in advance.


26-02-2007 19:46:56

I would definitely try freelaptops.wrongsectionforthis.com )


26-02-2007 21:20:05

what would the right section be?


26-02-2007 21:23:17

[quote1d8cc76b06="benner410"]I would definitely try freelaptops.wrongsectionforthis.com )[/quote1d8cc76b06]

lol lol lol

definitely + karma when the site lets me

and you might wanna try the Help section....


26-02-2007 21:29:17

The help section I guess. I would recommend yourgiftsfree for a laptop


26-02-2007 22:36:44

limoved to Helpli


27-02-2007 05:20:49

try the customorderthis sites open a support ticket and let him know what you want. you will be tapping on the keys to your new laptop before you know it (Fred)