new to this, how do i get referrals

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26-02-2007 17:48:32

hey im new to this place and i want refferals to whats a good way to get referrals?? im having trouble understanding ll the lingo here. whats downline? i need as many refferals as possible.
thanks for anyone who answers!!


26-02-2007 19:10:10

If I were you, I would start by signing up and completing referrals for other people. There are hundreds of traders here willing to pay you to do this. You can build up a decent trade record, a decent amount of funds to work with, then you can start paying other people to complete referrals for you.

When you are ready so start paying for referrals, just make a post in the trading forum with your offer. Once somebody PM's you, or expresses interest by posting in your thread, you can then try to set up a deal with them.

Downline has something to do with getting referrals under you, and whenever they refer you get a percentage of what they earn.