Soo many questions,so little time

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26-02-2007 14:38:19

Ok what is the difference between an Outbox and a Senbox,and no this is not some sick joke,although I could probably make one up.Funny how everybody in my outbox(or is it my sent box?) never seem to reply to me?..?..!
Other issue,WHAT GOOD DOES IT DO TO HAVE A CONFIRMED TRADE WHEN THEY BAIL!11111 Can you tell I am feeling a little strongly about this.I have like 10 trades requesting deletion,trade failed,other out of contact.Really tired of looking at them.I have one person who contacted me to trade and then confirmed and,and,and,(breathe)and,and, then requested deletion and they never pm'd me after agreeing to the trade to say hi,bye ,kiss my ass,go roll in the dirt,nothing,did you hear me? NOTHING Wingsoffire my ass!!!


26-02-2007 14:45:20

Oh yeah and some people are like I don't feel like it right now and I am thinking feel my ass you lili%$3@!^&!!!!WE HAVE KARMA, can't we have anti Karma?? OK YOGA TIME

the sleeping dog
the lotus dog
the ying dog
the yang dog
the can I kick the living lililili out of you dog

in case your wondering would like some advice or anger management


26-02-2007 14:47:33

How did I get 2 post???


26-02-2007 15:06:07

Sentbox means you sent the PM and they read it. Outbox means you sent the PM and they have not yet read it, that is why you do not get replies if it's there.

2 posts - Don't know, maybe the server was running slow and it loaded twice, there are a number of reasons it could have happened.


26-02-2007 15:38:19

and you can delete your other post d