+karma to whomever answers my ?

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26-02-2007 00:29:19

Just wondering if anyone can give me a list of the sites that allow you to use an extra ref in place of doing an offer. I will give karma to those that help me out


26-02-2007 06:09:26

Ask the site owners if you can do that.

I know Yourgiftsfree sites allows you to get an extra ref in place of doing your offer. wink

And I'll take that karma now lol


26-02-2007 06:16:01

All the sites that allow you to do an extra refferal instread of an offer require you to sign up unreffered (to the best of my knowledge). Check with the site reps to be sure.



26-02-2007 07:00:06

basically all the newer networks. I doubt trainnn, OC, 123, and Freepay would but just about everyother one will.


26-02-2007 08:06:34

all the newer sites would probably let you if you signed up UNREFERRED


27-02-2007 05:33:07

customorderthis will also let you do this