What can cause a trader to go red?

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25-02-2007 19:40:08

Other than a trader having multiple accounts at one website, are there any other reasons that could cause him/her to go red?


25-02-2007 20:11:36

If the person has frauded an offer (not putting correct info in for example) they will go on hold.
If someone has completed an offer more than once they will go on hold
If 2 of your refs have the same password they will go on hold...

these are some things i have experienced. hope it helps


26-02-2007 06:12:00

...using proxy servers like AOL.


26-02-2007 06:18:07

[quoteb1ff02ad6b="reggaeton"]...using proxy servers like AOL.[/quoteb1ff02ad6b]

or actually anything that causes them to have an IP address that someone else already has, like signing up at the public library, at work, at school, etc.

I know there was also a problem at one point with Bellsouth..........